Stephen Martin

1m88, born and raised in a bar, Stephen Martin alongside his university studies in Psychology and Economics, has always followed his passion for the profession of Bartender or Bar Man.

First season at the age of 11, he climbed the ladder of this profession one by one, to manage the bars of prestigious establishments in Paris within hotel groups such as the Hilton group or even Concorde.

Recognized by his peers as “Best Mixologist in France” in 2009 then “Best Ambassador of France” in 2018, Stephen opened in 2015 the first 100% French Bar in the world, the famous “À la Française” where he introduced the culture of Cocktail; the French cultural ADN cocktail! The Bar then won the prize for “Best Bar Opening” in France.

Consultant, inexhaustible speaker, trilingual (travel makes the barman!), Historian, ambassador of many French brands, Stephen naturally joined the team of La French Svp, and, supports its development in the world of CHR, Cocktail and Mixology.

Stephen's cocktail creations

The Fresh Water

  • Pour 3 cl of organic Gentian.
  • Add 1,5 cl of organic peach syrup.
  • Then 1,5 cl of organic Gin.
  • Pour 15 cl of organic La French “s’il vous plaît” Tonic.
  • Add 2 slices of cucumber.
  • Finish with a rosemary spray.

The Spicy

  • Pour 1 cl of orgeat syrup.
  • Add 15 cl of organic La French “s’il vous plaît” Ginger Beer.
  • Then 4 cl of spicy rhum.
  • Pour 2 cl of coffee liquor.
  • Sprinkle with grated tonka.
  • Garnish with some mint.

The "à la française" T-Punch

  • Pour 4 cl of organic St James Rhum Agricole.
  • Add 1,5 cl of lime juice.
  • Then 1 cl of organic cane sugar syrup.
  • Pour 15 cl of organic La French “s’il vous plaît” Agrumes.
  • Then 5 cl of organic coconut water.
  • Finish with some lime juice.

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