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This summer, we’re going on vacation with you!

La French s’il vous plaît is pleased to introduce her summer companion: Air Côquetelers.

Do you remember them? We presented them to you during a Masterclass organized at La Conciergerie in Nantes this winter. As a reminder, Côquetelers is an independent bottler created by two epicurean friends with a passion for good times with friends and spirits who have travelled 12 countries and over 15,000 km to meet more than 100 distillers, coopers, merchants and barmen.

air coquetelers cocktails français bio la french svp tonic ginger beer

What is Côquetelers ?

Air Côquetelers is a tailor-made service for holidays with friends or family.

The principle is simple: you enjoy your holidays after all your hard work at the office and we agree, you’ve earned it! That’s why, La French svp is proud to partner with Côquetelers to simplify your life right down to the lemon slice of your aperitif!

And now, you’re wondering how to order?

1- go to the Air Côquetelers page

2- fill in the questionnaire

3- they send you a tailor-made quote with the list of recipes

4- payment by bank transfer if you accept the quotation

5- delivery to your holiday address at the time of your choice

6- revolutionize your aperitifs and impress your friends and family!

air côquetelers vacances cocktails français la french svp tonic ginger beer français bio

To sum up, Air Côquetelers is the end of the drudgery of the grocery shopping and the morose arrival of the first evening without festivities on holidays, unique spirits with simple recipes, a wide choice of bottles to please everyone!

Still not convinced ?

cocktail liqueur sapin tonic français 100% bio la french svp coquetelers

We exclusively offer you our favorite recipe with the Liqueur de Sapin:

  • in a pool glass
  • pour 4cl of Liqueur de Sapin Côquetelers
  • add 10cl of Tonic La French svp
  • fill with ice cubes
  • garnish with a slice of lemon

And hop! That’s it!

So where are we going?

Vintage Cocktails seen in Voici

While waiting for the bars to reopen... we toast with old-fashioned drinks.

côquetelers la French svp 100% French organic tonic water cocktail liqueur de sapin
la French svp cocktails 100% French organic tonic water st Raphael

(Re)discover the St Raphaël, a completely forgotten 100% French alcohol which is drunk chilled in the summer to change from the traditional Spritz.

Here is our special recipe, elaborated by Stephen Martin, the world reference of the French cocktail:


– 5cl of red St Raphael
– 15cl of Tonic La French s’il vous plaît
– ice cubes
– an orange

Realization :
Pour the St Raphael directly into the balloon glass.
Add the tonic and complete with an ice bath.
As a final touch, arrange a spiral-shaped slice of orange.

Also find all the tips from Stephen Martin, to become a pro of 100% French cocktails!

st Raphael tonic water cocktail 100% French la french svp organic

Good tasting to all and DRINK FRENCH!

Masterclass at La Conciergerie

Back on the Masterclass held in Nantes by Coquetelers, an 100% French independent bottler.

What is Côquetelers ?

Discover Coquetelers, a new brand which is part of the “apéritif à la française” universe.

côquetelers la French svp 100% francais bio tonic français cocktail liqueur de sapin

The Côquetelers brand was founded by a pair of long-time friends: Timothée, who comes from a merger-acquisition background, and Matthieu, who grew up in the middle of the vineyards in a family of winegrowers.

After having made their own experiences, they got together and launched themselves into the somewhat crazy project of this tour of Europe, and today of the Côquetelers.

A beautiful story that has given birth to beautiful products:

Absinthe de Pontarlier X Distillerie Pierre Guy (70cl/45°)
Gingerbread liqueur x Maison Briottet (70cl/18°)
Genièvre Flandre Artois (GI) x Distillerie Persyn (70cl/43°)
Fir Liqueur x Distillery Pierre Guy (70cl/40°)
Find more products on their website!

The French please has a real crush for the Liqueur de Sapin, ideal with our Tonic for a 100% French cocktail!

Find soon our special recipe in the tab “Our Cocktails”.

Masterclass at La Conciergerie

Côquetelers presented its products in partnership with La French s’il vous plaît during a Masterclass at La Conciergerie in Nantes.

Organized by Mother Shaker, a fun and professional concept, focused on the better drinking, this event took place at La Conciergerie, a bar located near the “Hangar à Bananes” in Nantes.

On the program, presentation of the Côquetelers brand and product tasting with La French SVP.

Something to delight all the guests!

la french tonic s'il vous plait 100% français bio tonic water restaurant paris calibre huitrerie

So, ready to taste?

Visit our page 

to discover other delicious cocktail recipes!

How to make a Moscow Mule?

With its recipe using “detox” ingredients, the Moscow Mule is the new Mojito!
Discover how to make this cocktail with La French s’il vous plaît… à la Française!

The Moscow Mule

Le Berthoud Paris La French svp organic ginger beer 100% French Moscow Mule cocktail

The Moscow Mule is a cocktail based on vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and accompanied by a slice of lemon.

It is traditionally served in a copper cup, however this is preferably made of another metal in contact with the liquid, because of the too acidic pH of the drink.

Discover the originale recipe of the Moscow Mule :

  • 4,5 cl of vodka
  • 0,5 cl of lime juice
  • 12 cl of ginger beer
  • 1 quarter of lemon
  • cucumber occasionally

Does that tempt you? Find right after our 100% French and organic recipe!

La French Mule

Today, we offer you the special La French s’il vous plaît recipe!

Super easy to make, it will become the ally of all your aperitifs for successful evenings with your friends!

La French s’il vous plaît, expert of the French cocktail, offers you a recipe of a 100% frenchy and organic Moscow Mule!

In a glass,

  • Pour 5cl of Guillotine Originale vodka
  • Add 15cl of La French s’il vous plaît Ginger Beer
  • Add the juice of a lemon quarter
  • Fill with ice cubes

Download the recipe

For an optimal result, visual and tasty, serve your cocktail in copper cups! You’ll see it changes everything!

cocktail Moscow Mule 100% french Ginger beer organic La French s'il vous plaît

So now, to your shakers and enjoy!

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to discover other delicious cocktail recipes!

Ephemera Restaurant – Paul Bocuse

An ephemeral themed restaurant created by students of the Paul Bocuse Institute has opened its doors in Lyon: Ephemera Restaurant.


Students from the Paul Bocuse Institute launch a crazy journey: Ephemera Restaurant.

No more classic restaurants without adventure, come and live a unique experience!

For the moment in Lyon and from February 2020, we will create a succession of ephemeral restaurants on bewitching themes.

From the choice of the theme to the selection of a menu and an enchanting decoration, our team of young enthusiasts is preparing a customized event that will disconnect you from your everyday life!

A tempting desire to discover the theme? The menu?

It’s all in their “The restaurant of the moment” section.

First theme : The Chocolate Factory

Enter the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and let your senses carry you away.

From decor, menu, drinks, serving techniques to tableware, this moment spent at the Chocolate Factory will disconnect you from your real life and take you back to your childhood.

Discover the gourmet menu (from February 7 to 23):

Forêt de chanterelles – Crumble de cacao – Herbes sauvages

Langoustine taillée au couteau – Tartare de pinces – Purée de panais chocolat blanc – Sauce crème

Pigeon et son millefeuille de cuisses confites – salsifis – Sauce salmis à la griotte – Condiment praliné cacao

Agrumes compotés – Mousse de riz au lait chocolat blanc – Poivre de Sichuan

Sablé cacahuètes caramélisées – Gianduja – Crème anglaise au Bailey’s

All accompanied by delicious cocktails with La French svp of course !

Ephemera Restaurant Paul Bocuse student La French svp partnership 100% French tonic water ginger beer organic

“The Chocolate Factory” at Ephemera Restaurant
From February 7 to 23

To book online
Wednesday – Thursday – Friday on the evening : 19h15 – 21h15 // 21h30 – 23h30
Saturday & Sunday : 12h – 14h // 14h15 – 16h15
19h15 – 21h15 // 21h30 – 23h30

How to make a Gin and Tonic?

You couldn’t miss it, it’s EVERYWHERE at the moment… Gin Tonic is the ultra fashionable cocktail! Classic or revisited recipes, it is now the star of the bars and the customers are tearing it off!

Gin and Tonic


Gin Tonic is an alcoholic cocktail based on gin and tonic water, sometimes accompanied by a slice of lemon or lime and served with ice.

Today, the recipe for Gin and Tonic is available in all sorts of ways for the greatest pleasure of bartenders and connoisseurs alike!

La French Tonic

Today, we offer you the special La French s’il vous plaît recipe!

We’re not going to lie to you, it’s one of the simplest cocktails to make, but thanks to this recipe, you’ll become an expert in the world of aperitifs! And it is your friends who will thank you!

Gin tonic water 100% organic French Generous gin La French s'il vous plaît cocktail

La French svp, expert of the French cocktail, proposes you a recipe of a 100% frenchy and organic Gin and Tonic!

In a glass,

  • Pour 5cl of organic Generous Gin
  • Add 15cl of La French s’il vous plaît Tonic Water
  • Garnish with a quarter of lemon and 2 slices of cucumber
  • Fill with ice cubes

Download the recipe

Don’t hesitate to add your own personal touch like a little sprig of thyme or coriander or even add a few pink peppercorns. Trust us, your cocktail will always be excellent!
So, who’s going to go for it?

Personally, our mouths are already watering… and since it’s Friday… we wish you a wonderful weekend and cheers!

Enjoy the tasting!

Tasting workshop

A few days ago, La French s’il vous plaît invited itself during a seminar to present its products through a tasting workshop.

la French svp tasting cocktails 100% French organic ginger beer

Guests were able to discover the 100% French organic Tonic and Ginger Beer from La French s’il vous plaît
through the history of the brand and a soft tasting.

tasting workshop cocktails organic 100% French ginger beer la french svp

Then we offered them the opportunity to test themselves in the art of cocktail making by creating simple and trendy recipes!

We selected the Gin Tonic with Gibsons gin, the Moscow Mule with Poliakov vodka and the Dark and Stormy with St James rum.

ginger beer organic tasting workshop cocktails la French svp
cocktails organic ginger beer 100% French la french svp

Intense concentration for our guests during the workshop before the tasting… who are now real experts for a successful aperitif!

Would you also like to become a master in the art of cocktails?
Here are our recipes that are ultra simple to make, extremely trendy and above all really delicious!

Gin tonic water 100% organic French Generous gin La French s'il vous plaît cocktail

La French Generous

The 100% French organic Gin Tonic

– Pour 5cl of organic Generous Gin
– Add 15cl of La French s’il vous plaît Tonic Water
– Garnish with a lemon quarter and 2 slices of cucumber
– Fill with ice cubes

Download the recipe

The Guillotine French Mule

– Pour 5cl of Guillotine Originale vodka
– Add 15cl of La French s’il vous plaît Ginger Beer
– Add the juice of a green lemon quarter
– Fill with ice

Download the recipe

cocktail Moscow Mule 100% french Ginger beer organic La French s'il vous plaît
la French svp 100% French dark and stormy cocktails recipe organic ginger beer

La French Kraken

to be made directly in the glass

– Add the ice cubes first
– Pour 15cl of La French s’il vous plaît Ginger Beer
– Add slowly 5cl of The Kraken rum
– Add the juice of a green lemon quarter

Download the recipe

So, to your shakers, get set, shake !

Where does Ginger Beer come from ?

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Totally unknown just a few years ago, this drink is now the star of the bars! Recommended for its benefits and adored for its spicy taste, it can be enjoyed on its own as well as in cocktails! As you may have gathered, Ginger Beer is THE drink of the moment! But where does it come from?

ginger beer number 1 France organic La French s'il vous plaît svp
A little bit of culture… discover Ginger beer: from its origins to today!

Ginger beer is a soft, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage that originated in Jamaica.

As its name does not indicate, it is not beer but a fermented, non-alcoholic drink made from ginger, water and sugar. It is obtained by bottling a liquid based on fresh ginger when molasses fermentation begins using baker’s yeast. Not to be confused with ginger ale, a kind of lemonade (soda) flavoured with ginger, but sweeter and less ginger-flavoured than ginger beer.

Ginger beer, originally an alcoholic beverage, was first brewed in Yorkshire in the 1700s before becoming very popular in Britain and North America; by 1935 there were 3,000 breweries in Britain, 300 in the United States (where it was affected by the Prohibition Act) and 1,000 in Canada.

Usually sold as a non-alcoholic soda, today Ginger Beer is everywhere. With the French craze for non-alcoholic cocktails and mocktails, this drink is also widely used as part of cocktail recipes, as ginger has the characteristic of enhancing the taste values of alcoholic drinks.

La French s’il vous plaît has seized the opportunity of this market and is today the French leader of this drink. With its organic recipe, 100% French and low sugar level, you can find Ginger Beer in 20cl and 1L formats from our suppliers and at our partner cafés, hotels and restaurants.

Convinced? Would you like a little Moscow Mule?

Go visit our page 

to discover many cocktail recipes based on Ginger Beer!

Aperitif at Calibré Huitrerie

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Do you know the new aperitif concept at Calibré Huitrerie?

la French s'il vous plait 100% French organic tonic water restaurant paris calibre huitrerie

La French s’il vous plaît partners with the restaurant Calibré Huitrerie located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris to offer you a great aperitif concept!

On Saturdays and Sundays, taste a dozen N°4 oysters and two Gin Tonic with La French s’il vous plaît for only 30€.

Warm welcome and great atmosphere, in addition to eating well, you will have a great time! So don’t hesitate! Come and enjoy delicious fresh products and especially Breton oysters to fall down!

Still not convinced? This Sunday, January 19th, come with family or friends and challenge each other at the karaohuitre starting at 4pm!

What a good news for the beginning of the year! Another good reason not to spend the weekend on the couch!

Calibré Huitrerie
13 rue Lucien Sampaix
75010 PARIS
06 26 79 99 41

Best wishes for 2020

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The whole team of “La French s’il vous plaît”

wishes you a happy new year 2020

with many French-style aperitifs!

St Raphaël tonic water organic La French s'il vous plaît 100% French cocktail

A revisited Spritz with St Raphael, a Gin Tonic with the organic Generous Gin, a Moscow Mule with the Grey Goose vodka, a Dark and Stormy with the Kraken, there’s something for every taste in cocktails! And with French liquor… what more could you ask for?

Finally, a good reason to have a lot of aperitifs!

And for those of you who are new to Dry January, Tonic and Ginger Beer will become your best allies in creating delicious non-alcoholic cocktails!

So in 2020, let’s treat ourselves with La French s’il vous plait, your 100% French organic products.

La French s'il vous plaît organic tonic water 100% French la Baule l'écailleur

Visit our page 

pour découvrir de nombreuses recettes et faire le plein de bonnes idées !