Masterclass at La Conciergerie

Back on the Masterclass held in Nantes by Coquetelers, an 100% French independent bottler.

What is Côquetelers ?

Discover Coquetelers, a new brand which is part of the “apéritif à la française” universe.

côquetelers la French svp 100% francais bio tonic français cocktail liqueur de sapin

The Côquetelers brand was founded by a pair of long-time friends: Timothée, who comes from a merger-acquisition background, and Matthieu, who grew up in the middle of the vineyards in a family of winegrowers.

After having made their own experiences, they got together and launched themselves into the somewhat crazy project of this tour of Europe, and today of the Côquetelers.

A beautiful story that has given birth to beautiful products:

Absinthe de Pontarlier X Distillerie Pierre Guy (70cl/45°)
Gingerbread liqueur x Maison Briottet (70cl/18°)
Genièvre Flandre Artois (GI) x Distillerie Persyn (70cl/43°)
Fir Liqueur x Distillery Pierre Guy (70cl/40°)
Find more products on their website!

The French please has a real crush for the Liqueur de Sapin, ideal with our Tonic for a 100% French cocktail!

Find soon our special recipe in the tab “Our Cocktails”.

Masterclass at La Conciergerie

Côquetelers presented its products in partnership with La French s’il vous plaît during a Masterclass at La Conciergerie in Nantes.

Organized by Mother Shaker, a fun and professional concept, focused on the better drinking, this event took place at La Conciergerie, a bar located near the “Hangar à Bananes” in Nantes.

On the program, presentation of the Côquetelers brand and product tasting with La French SVP.

Something to delight all the guests!

la french tonic s'il vous plait 100% français bio tonic water restaurant paris calibre huitrerie

So, ready to taste?

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to discover other delicious cocktail recipes!

Ephemera Restaurant – Paul Bocuse

An ephemeral themed restaurant created by students of the Paul Bocuse Institute has opened its doors in Lyon: Ephemera Restaurant.


Students from the Paul Bocuse Institute launch a crazy journey: Ephemera Restaurant.

No more classic restaurants without adventure, come and live a unique experience!

For the moment in Lyon and from February 2020, we will create a succession of ephemeral restaurants on bewitching themes.

From the choice of the theme to the selection of a menu and an enchanting decoration, our team of young enthusiasts is preparing a customized event that will disconnect you from your everyday life!

A tempting desire to discover the theme? The menu?

It’s all in their “The restaurant of the moment” section.

First theme : The Chocolate Factory

Enter the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and let your senses carry you away.

From decor, menu, drinks, serving techniques to tableware, this moment spent at the Chocolate Factory will disconnect you from your real life and take you back to your childhood.

Discover the gourmet menu (from February 7 to 23):

Forêt de chanterelles – Crumble de cacao – Herbes sauvages

Langoustine taillée au couteau – Tartare de pinces – Purée de panais chocolat blanc – Sauce crème

Pigeon et son millefeuille de cuisses confites – salsifis – Sauce salmis à la griotte – Condiment praliné cacao

Agrumes compotés – Mousse de riz au lait chocolat blanc – Poivre de Sichuan

Sablé cacahuètes caramélisées – Gianduja – Crème anglaise au Bailey’s

All accompanied by delicious cocktails with La French svp of course !

Ephemera Restaurant Paul Bocuse student La French svp partnership 100% French tonic water ginger beer organic

“The Chocolate Factory” at Ephemera Restaurant
From February 7 to 23

To book online
Wednesday – Thursday – Friday on the evening : 19h15 – 21h15 // 21h30 – 23h30
Saturday & Sunday : 12h – 14h // 14h15 – 16h15
19h15 – 21h15 // 21h30 – 23h30