How to make a Moscow Mule?

With its recipe using “detox” ingredients, the Moscow Mule is the new Mojito!
Discover how to make this cocktail with La French s’il vous plaît… à la Française!

The Moscow Mule

Le Berthoud Paris La French svp organic ginger beer 100% French Moscow Mule cocktail

The Moscow Mule is a cocktail based on vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and accompanied by a slice of lemon.

It is traditionally served in a copper cup, however this is preferably made of another metal in contact with the liquid, because of the too acidic pH of the drink.

Discover the originale recipe of the Moscow Mule :

  • 4,5 cl of vodka
  • 0,5 cl of lime juice
  • 12 cl of ginger beer
  • 1 quarter of lemon
  • cucumber occasionally

Does that tempt you? Find right after our 100% French and organic recipe!

La French Mule

Today, we offer you the special La French s’il vous plaît recipe!

Super easy to make, it will become the ally of all your aperitifs for successful evenings with your friends!

La French s’il vous plaît, expert of the French cocktail, offers you a recipe of a 100% frenchy and organic Moscow Mule!

In a glass,

  • Pour 5cl of Guillotine Originale vodka
  • Add 15cl of La French s’il vous plaît Ginger Beer
  • Add the juice of a lemon quarter
  • Fill with ice cubes

Download the recipe

For an optimal result, visual and tasty, serve your cocktail in copper cups! You’ll see it changes everything!

cocktail Moscow Mule 100% french Ginger beer organic La French s'il vous plaît

So now, to your shakers and enjoy!

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