How to make a Gin and Tonic?

You couldn’t miss it, it’s EVERYWHERE at the moment… Gin Tonic is the ultra fashionable cocktail! Classic or revisited recipes, it is now the star of the bars and the customers are tearing it off!

Gin and Tonic


Gin Tonic is an alcoholic cocktail based on gin and tonic water, sometimes accompanied by a slice of lemon or lime and served with ice.

Today, the recipe for Gin and Tonic is available in all sorts of ways for the greatest pleasure of bartenders and connoisseurs alike!

La French Tonic

Today, we offer you the special La French s’il vous plaît recipe!

We’re not going to lie to you, it’s one of the simplest cocktails to make, but thanks to this recipe, you’ll become an expert in the world of aperitifs! And it is your friends who will thank you!

Gin tonic water 100% organic French Generous gin La French s'il vous plaît cocktail

La French svp, expert of the French cocktail, proposes you a recipe of a 100% frenchy and organic Gin and Tonic!

In a glass,

  • Pour 5cl of organic Generous Gin
  • Add 15cl of La French s’il vous plaît Tonic Water
  • Garnish with a quarter of lemon and 2 slices of cucumber
  • Fill with ice cubes

Download the recipe

Don’t hesitate to add your own personal touch like a little sprig of thyme or coriander or even add a few pink peppercorns. Trust us, your cocktail will always be excellent!
So, who’s going to go for it?

Personally, our mouths are already watering… and since it’s Friday… we wish you a wonderful weekend and cheers!

Enjoy the tasting!

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