Best wishes for 2020

The whole team of “La French s’il vous plaît”

wishes you a happy new year 2020

with many French-style aperitifs!

St Raphaël tonic water organic La French s'il vous plaît 100% French cocktail

A revisited Spritz with St Raphael, a Gin Tonic with the organic Generous Gin, a Moscow Mule with the Grey Goose vodka, a Dark and Stormy with the Kraken, there’s something for every taste in cocktails! And with French liquor… what more could you ask for?

Finally, a good reason to have a lot of aperitifs!

And for those of you who are new to Dry January, Tonic and Ginger Beer will become your best allies in creating delicious non-alcoholic cocktails!

So in 2020, let’s treat ourselves with La French s’il vous plait, your 100% French organic products.

La French s'il vous plaît organic tonic water 100% French la Baule l'écailleur

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